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January 6, 2010

Still a hypocrite

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In theory, I…

…care about the homeless.

…think the Gospel is the remedy for those who are perishing and want it to be proclaimed.

…would love to spend time with elderly people in a nursing home.

…want to be a shoulder to cry on for the grieving.

…can’t wait to help you move that furniture.

…think it would be a valuable use of my time to hold the hand of an AIDS patient

…consider others better than myself.

In practice, I…

…will watch a game with you as long as you don’t block the TV and don’t root for the other team.

…would love to drink a beer with you as long as it’s not that American macro lager swill.

…want you to stop your jabbering about things that don’t interest me and pay attention to my eloquent thoughts.

…want to be fed and comfortable, and if you take care of those needs quickly I might consider tossing you a tip.

God, have mercy on me!!!


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