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August 27, 2009

Spokeswoman for the Far Right… Carrie Prejean

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I read in the paper today that Ms. Carrie Prejean, ex- Miss California, will be speaking Sunday at First Family Church in Overland Park.  Full disclaimer – I have all sorts of issues with First Family Church, but this post is not about their congregation in particular.

The very idea that a woman who said in a beauty pageant that marriage should be between a man and a woman would become a Christian celebrity with a speaking tour is utterly laughable.  This is someone who had a conviction and spoke her mind.  Good for her.  But this is a person who, prior to being thrown a ridiculous question in a glorified swimsuit competition did not have any kind of platform from which to speak.  She’s no theologian or, more importantly, proclaimer of the Gospel.  She stumbled upon a role of being a mouthpiece for the Far Right.

Funny how most fundamentalist churches who are inviting her to speak would probably have been pointing a finger at her for being an object of lust parading around on national TV in a bikini prior to her revelation that she is against gay marriage.

The Church has one message.  It’s the Gospel.  I’m a screw-up, you’re a screw-up, and we can NEVER stop our sinning.   So to reconcile us to God because he loves all of us so much, Jesus paid for it.  Period.  That’s GOOD NEWS.  That’s the Gospel that the entire Bible points to.  Any time churches spend on dictating morality to the rest of the world is truly wasted time.

If you want to give your pulpit over to someone on a Sunday, give it to someone who’s serving the poor.  Give it to someone who’s loving gay people like brothers and sisters.  Don’t give it to someone who supposedly took a stand for morality by being against something.  Because we’ve had enough of the Law.  We need the remedy.


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