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January 17, 2010

Think you know MLK?

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I grew up, to a degree, in Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.  I went to school with black kids and kids of other religions, and I never really thought that was weird.  I knew we looked different.  I picked up on cultural differences.  But we were friends and didn’t know much about the world that existed less than 20 years before us.

Every year we would hear a few snippets about MLK.  We would see clips of his, “I have a dream” speach.  He seemed pretty cool.

But we didn’t get it.

I have never heard a friend or acquaintance ridicule the vision of Martin Luther King, Jr.  But I have heard little whispers:  You know he was an adulturer, right?  He was associated with the Communists, wasn’t he?  He picked Jesse Jackson to succeed him… and so on.  No one is “against” MLK and his vision, but many today seem more intent on pointing out his flaws than on listening to what he really said.

And so, I invite you to do this little exercise:

Read this short letter, written to King on April 12, 1963 from some concerned white clergymen.

Then read his response, Letter from Birmingham Jail.

Sure, King had flaws, like we all do.  But he had a true vision for human dignity, and was equipped by the Gospel of Christ.  Read his words.  Get to know him a little better today.


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