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January 27, 2010

I admit it, I heart Facebook

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I was a Facebook holdout for a long time.  I figured it would pretty much be an endless barage of updates like, “eating a hamburger now”, “sitting on the runway”, or “just got off the pot – do not go in there.”  And there is a lot of that.

But since becoming a convert, there is one aspect of Facebook that fascinates me.  People can choose to be as open or closed as they want to be, but whether you are a sharer or a lurker a lot of walls come down on Facebook.  Specifically I’m talking about our tendency in “real life” to compartmentalize our friends and acquaintances.  I have work friends, relatives, church friends, drinkin’ buddies, and people that I watch Illini games with, neighbors, and acquaintances.  Usually, our relationship is defined on what we have in common.  And that’s fine.

But on Facebook, friends are friends (even if they’re really acquaintances).  When I post my theological musings, my work friends and Illini buddies see that too.  When I post my beer geek stuff my church friends see that too.  If you want to share, you share with all.  You can’t really hide who you are unless you decide just not to post.

I for one think that’s great.  I know that I may post something that some (or most) of my friends will ignore.  I might post something that they don’t care about.  Maybe they just ignore me some or most of the time.  But if they choose to read it they know more about who I really am than they would otherwise.  Sure, there’s a risk that it may lead them to make unfair or incorrect assumptions about me.  But mostly I like the fact that they know more about where I’m coming from and vice versa.  They probably think I’m weirder than they used to, but that just means they know the truth.  And truth is good.


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  1. Matt –

    It doesn’t look like you’ve been doing the blog thing all that long, and there’s nothing flashy here… but I really like what you’re writing. I particularly like your hypocrite post below.

    AND, I’m wondering if I quote your “I admit it, I hate Facebook” post on my blog at Attitudes about Facebook is one of the things I’m really interested in…

    Chris Ridgeway

    Comment by Chris Ridgeway — January 27, 2010 @ 3:25 pm

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